Sunday, April 15, 2012

Walking on Sunshine: Let's Eat

After toasts it was time to chow down on some serious eats!  We chose to go with a buffet for dinner and there was so much food!
We had plenty of salads, including a green salad, Caesar salad, asparagus and mushroom salad with hollandaise sauce and a seafood salad.
For mains we enjoyed duck breasts with a honey glaze, maple glazed sockeye salmon, baked halibut with a lemon coriander sauce.
We also had a carving station with a delicious leg of lamb.
Our plates were loaded up for us!
The food was so good!  I loved the duck...and really I loved everything.  See that plate in front of me?  I ate almost all of it.  So much that I barely had room for cake later.  I know a lot of brides say that they were so busy during the reception that they barely ate.  Not me, I enjoyed every morsel of that food!
During dinner we chatted and laughed.
Glasses clinked and we kissed.

We had a great time reveling in the fact that we were married!
There was a faint clinking of glasses and Mr. Gazelle and I were encouraging our guests to really clink those glasses!
They obliged and we kissed.
After we were done eating it was time to say goodbye to some of our littler guests.
We then walked around to say hello to our friends and family. 

One of my favourite moments captured - Mr. Gazelle and his grandmother.

Did you chow down at your wedding or were you so busy that you were't able to eat?

*All photos courtesy of the amazing Sakura Photography*

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