Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Left Feet

I *love* to dance.  A few years ago my perfect night was going out and shaking my booty.  Now I’m old and I get tired at 9 pm so my perfect Friday night involves jumping around our living room and playing Just Dance 2 on the wii.

But just because I can rack up the points on Just Dance 2 doesn’t mean that I can actually dance well!

Back in university I took swing dancing lessons with my friend Gord.  I may have convinced him to take lessons with me by telling him that it would be a sure fire way to meet girls.  We were total keeners and we practiced all the time.  Then life got busy and that was the end of dance lessons.

Mr. Gazelle and I have decided that we do not want to middle school sway for our first dance.  As soon as I googled “dance lessons Calgary” last week I realized that we better hurry up with those lessons.  Time is ticking down quickly to the Gazelle wedding and we don’t have much time to get our dancing skills on!  We decided to enrol in West Coast Swing lessons at Alberta Dancesport.  What does west coast swing look like?

Our first lesson was a lot of fun…but naturals we were not.  My previous lessons covered a different type of swing dancing.  I’m sure with plenty of practice we’ll get there!  Regardless, it is something really fun for us to do and learn together.  I’m pretty excited about that!  Are we going to go for some kind of serious kick butt first dance routine?  I have no idea, but we are learning how to move and get comfortable with each other on the dance floor at the very least.

Did you and your significant other decide to tackle your two left feet?


k... said...

A) I totally just got a Wii and Just Dance 2. It's awesome!

B)Lessons are a great idea! How many other times are you expected to dance in front of an audience? Dance lessons are like studying for a test, they can only help..

Elena said...

Awesome! We took a couple of free lessons pre-engagement (I suppose he knew we'd soon we practicing for our wedding, but I did not haha!), but are going to take more lessons 6ish months before our wedding. My girlfriends gifted us a couple, but had been planning to commit to a few months of lessons anyone as something fun to do together. I bet you two will be ROCKIN' the first dance! :)

Keith said...

Your earlier dance lessons were East Coast Swing. West Coast swing is quite different. Unless you're practicing a set routine to do at the wedding, dance with other people. You'll learn more, and better, you'll appreciate Future Hubs more.
Sad to say, I've forgotten all the West Coast Swing I knew.

Meg said...

I WISH! I begged Hubs to take lessons, but he wouldn't. So we middle-school-swayed until we started spinning each other and acting like fools. It wasn't pretty but we were singing our hearts out and laughing, and everyone was cheering. LOL

Unknown said...

If we had had a traditional wedding, the #1 thing we would have nixed was the first dance! Ha ha, neither one of us like dancing and the thought of dancing 'on display' like that makes my knees shake!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

We took dance lessons before the wedding but we took a class where we learned about 6 different types of dance so we never perfected one type. I wouldn't do that again because we(I) have two left feet and I felt that as soon as I figured out a dance we were moving on to the next one.

Our 1st dance wasn't anything fancy because we forgot everything at that point! Oh well!

Thankfully I had the big dress to cover my feet!