Monday, March 21, 2011

Dressing the Groom–Decisions!

Mr. Gazelle has made his decisions on what he is going to be wearing for our wedding!  I’m so excited because I think he is going to look amazing!

Back in March I was walking through the mall on my lunch break and I spotted this sign inside Holt Renfrew:

mtm-ENImage via Holt Renfrew

A special made to measure shirt event was going on.

As I mentioned before, Mr. Gazelle has a body shape that is tough to fit with off the rack items.  He has a broad chest and shoulders, then narrows through the waist.  He also has longer than average arms.  Typical off the rack shirts that fit through his shoulders then tent out through his torso.  A made to measure shirt event seemed perfect for him to get a well fitting dress shirt.DSCN3275

We popped by the store that weekend.  Holts had many different fabrics to choose from – stripes, solids, you name it!  Mr. Gazelle went with a solid white shirt with a subtle paisley texture to it.  It is really nice!  There were so many options to choose from – collar spread, placket, cuffs…who knew?

collar pileImage via Rare Splendors

Custom Dress Shirt CuffsImage via Rare Splendors

Mr. Gazelle also had some decisions to make about his suit.  He kicked around getting a suit made online but ultimately he really wanted a good suit as an investment piece that was going to fit well.  He decided to go with a three piece made to measure suit from Holts in an amazing grey pinstripe pattern.IMG_0200Unfortunately all I have is a crappy iPhone picture, but the tie looks amazing with the fabric.  The sales associate at Holts worked hard to find the best measurements for the most flattering cut of suit.  The suit will be made here in Canada and should be ready in about a month or so.  He decided to go with a three piece wool suit so that he can wear the vest instead of the jacket as the evening goes on, plus he can use each piece separately in the future.

And finally the last touch – awesome socks!  Mr. Gazelle picked up these awesome argyle style ones:

thomas-pink-socks-purple-and-grey-clifton-argyle-mens-socks (1)Image via ShopStyle

that he’ll be wearing with these shoes:

compositeImage via John Fluevog, but sadly, sold out…

I’m so excited, I think he’s going to look so handsome!

Did your groom decide to buy a suit as an investment piece?


Keith said...

I recently bought a suit. But not because I'm getting married. I periodically have job interviews that I want to look respectable at, and every now and then it's good to wear a suit to the office. Makes them think you're going for a job interview and keeps them on their toes. And I think I got those exact shoes.

Oh, and did you know I can get to your office without going out doors, and without taking the long way around? I was over to the new 8th ave place that replaced Penny Lane. Somehow, the inside reminds me a little bit of a Goa'uld mothership owned by someone on a tight budget or a modicum of good taste.

Unknown said...

Mike had some custom shirts done and just loves them. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of everyone on the big day after all this lead up to what everyone will be wearing etc.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

My hubby would love a made to fit shirt and suit!!

He rented a tux, along with the other groomsmen so no investment suit. That is a good idea though. It's probably a good thing he didn't get one as he gained the First-Year-of-Marriage 15!!

Laura said...

My husband bought a very very nice suit for our wedding. Luckily, he wears a suit and tie every day at work and he can wear his suit all time! :) It looks really nice on was a great purchase.