Sunday, March 6, 2011

Going the professional route

In the beginning of our engagement I decided that I might attempt to do my own make up on our wedding day.

This is a pretty funny notion if you know me considering that I very rarely wear make up.  And I’m going to attempt to do it myself on what will likely be the most photographed day of my life?  Perhaps not the brightest idea.  I had googled a few make up artists in Vancouver but I wasn’t in love with their portfolios so I figured I’d just do it myself.  I really want to look natural, to look just like me!  But maybe with some false eyelashes?

Thank goodness for my photographer who asked if I needed a makeup recommendation.  She really has been a great resource for advice and recommendations.  She suggested ML Makeup Artistry.  I poured over her portfolio and everyone looks so naturally beautiful.  Plus not only is she good, but apparently she is wonderful to be around.  Luckily she was free on our wedding day so I booked her right away.  She’ll come to the house to do my makeup along with my MOH and BM as well.  I imagine our photographer will come by just as I’m getting my make up done. 

This will allow for amazing pictures like this…dockside-restaurant-wedding-1

Image via Sakura Photography

Does anyone else see pictures like this and think, “Wow, I need a cute robe to wear while getting ready”?18658294_041_b

Image via Anthropologie

Or is that just me?


Minnesota Maven said...

I think having a make-up artist is a great idea! That picture was amazing.

On the robe front, yes you will need one, and yes Anthropologie is the place to get one! I've been searching for the right one to go on sale!

Keith said...

Just you. And every other woman reading this blog.

Followed the link to the makeup blog, then was scrolling up and down trying to compare before and after.

Danielle said...

I hired a make up artist for my wedding. I'm so excited about it.. I love getting ready pictures! I also bought robes for myself and my bridesmaids to get ready in (and my flower girl, too).. they are a must in my book! LOL!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

A good makeup artist is key!! I actually found that my makeup artist was a little too natural for me. I wear makeup almost every day so I do wish she put just a little bit more on me for my wedding. Oh well- the pictures still turned out beautifully!

I didn't wear a robe the morning of, but I did make sure I was wearing a cute pair of pjs as the photographer was there from the very beginning!

Just Me, T. said...
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Just Me, T. said...

I just about bought that robe last week...