Monday, March 28, 2011

Doing the Floral Fandango

It is official, I am the bride who called shoe.  I knew I wanted purple shoes for our wedding, however when I was looking for said purple shoes there weren’t a lot of options.  I initially bought the Nine West Jojus with almost a feeling of, “oh my gosh, they are purple and available.”  IMGP3180Then I bought the Nine West Zaltas to swap out flats for heels later in the evening.IMGP3178

Unfortunately I didn’t really believe that these shoes were the ones I wanted to wear on our wedding day so I kept looking.

One day while browsing the website for my favourite clothing store, Anthropologie, I spotted them.  The heavens parted and I could have sworn I heard singing.  I present Anthropologie’s Miss Albright Floral Fandango heels.

19565597_050_bImage via Anthropologie

Unfortunately obtaining them wouldn’t be that easy.  They cost significantly more to mail to Canada than to mail within the US.  Miss Albright shoes are also inconsistent for sizing and I’d have one chance to get the right size shoe.  I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on shoes that may or may not be the right size that I’ll be wearing for a long time on our wedding day.

So I did what any sane bride would do.  I convinced the Mr. Gazelle that we should take a side trip to Seattle on our upcoming trip to Vancouver so I could purchase the perfect shoes.  I may or may not have bribed him with promises of oysters and delicious Washington micro-brews.  But it was so worth it…IMGP3182IMGP3183

When we drove back into Canada I declared my shoe purchase to Canada customs.  The border guard’s response to the fact that we were in Seattle for shoes? “That’s a long way to go for shoes…”

Did you go out of your way to get the perfect shoes for your wedding?


Just Me, T. said...

LOVE! Great choice!

Elena said...

LOVE THESE SHOES! Obviously worth it. :) The shade of purple is GORGEOUS.

I ordered a pair of nude/blush Steve Madden heels and some blingy shoe clips and called it a day. (I'm actually not a huge shoe/heel person, regardless of what the fiance' may think ;). I think it stems from being 5'10")

Meg said...


kristen said...

I bought new "shoes" the morning of my wedding. It was snowing and cold and I was worried about getting cold feet (hehe...sorry, bad sort of pun). I had seen white fluffy boots at payless earlier in the week but had decided against them. But, as I was getting my hair done I was thinking about the boots...
So, I did what any sane bride would do and called Payless, had them put a pair aside for me, and headed to the mall once my hair and makeup were done :)
(strangely- i just told this story on my blog in my 7 random things post)

Love the shoes, totally worth the trip to Seattle (though so are microbrews and oysters).

Danielle said...

Those shoes are AWESOME! I totally would have drove to Seattle for a pair of shoes, too! I'm a three shoe bride, but I finally settled on a pair, lol.

Heather said...

So glad you found your perfect shoes! They look amazing!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Very nice!! I LOVE how you went to Seattle to buy your shoes!! For a shoe gal this isn't a stretch though!

Heather said...

I wore purple shoes too! Mine were dark purple velvet with a flat metal flower decal on the side of the heel. I think I got them at stone ridge, and my husband actually picked them out!

Yours are to die for!

Anonymous said...

Hey Leana,

I love the shoes you choose. I also struggled to find the perfect purple shoe for my wedding in January! I ordered mine online and prayed they fitted and they were perfect. They don't seem to have the purple anymore and the model is Leeann!

Here's the link:

Sonia said...

OMG I posted under my husband's account.... lol The previous post is from me lol