Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cakespiration–The Tasting

The number one thing that I’ve been looking forward to on this wedding planning journey would have to be the cake tasting!!  Trying to find an awesome cake baker might be a really daunting task when you are planning your wedding in a different city, but our venue made it so easy.  The Brock House offers a reception package that includes canapés, a cocktail hour, a buffet dinner, desserts, wine with dinner…and our wedding cake!

Amazing deal, right?  We just had to go with one of two preferred cake vendors.  We opted to go with Sweet Thea because her list of cake flavours made our mouths water.  She promised to have a variety of flavours for us to taste when we came to visit Vancouver.

Our tasting appointment was the same afternoon that we were scheduled to arrive in Vancouver and as luck would have it, our flight was delayed.  It was a big rush to get our rental car and get on the road, but luckily we pulled in to Thea’s driveway right on time.  Whew!

Thea welcomed us in her house and we sat down to discuss our vision for how the cake would look.  I talked about elements of cakes that I liked – white on white texture – inspired by vintage milk glass.

large_imagePhoto by: Kristen Jensen Photography/Image via The Knot/Ana Parzych Custom Cakes, Chesire, CT

We weren’t set on a particular look for the cake, we just wanted her to be inspired.  Then it was time to eat cake!IMGP3127

Oh my goodness, some of the most delicious cake I have ever tasted, without a doubt!  We started at the top left with a white cake with passion fruit filling.  My taste buds were singing as soon as that cake hit them!  The cake was light and fluffy and the filling was so zingy, fresh and delicious.  We also sampled:

  • White cake with lemon filling and raspberry filling
  • Chocolate tuxedo cake – white cake and chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate fillings
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate chiffon and a raspberry filling
  • Chocolate cake with mocha filling
  • Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling

Here’s what we decided on for the look:

Wedding Cake VisionMiss Gazelle’s attempt at sketching a wedding cake…

The bottom layer will have a diamond texture on it and will be chocolate with chocolate and raspberry fillings.  We loved this cake, so hands down, it was the one we wanted the most of! 

The second layer will be the white cake with passion fruit filling and will have a hobnail texture.  This cake was amazing and is a great counterpoint to the more rich chocolate cake. 

Our top layer will be red velvet!  This is my personal favourite cake flavour so without a doubt it has to be included in our wedding cake!  This will likely have a floral texture on it.  We actually won’t be serving the top layer of red velvet though.  We are planning on keeping it for later!  Perhaps back at the hotel room for a post wedding snack or later on for our one year anniversary?

Are you planning on saving the top layer of your cake for later?


Unknown said...

Yes we saved it and one day I came home from work to find Mike eating it as a snack before dinner! It was just a couple pieces in the freezer and he didn't realize it was the wedding cake he was eating! Ha ha.

Melinda said...

Make sure to buy a nice air-tight container to seal it in for the year - we saved ours, but didn't really attempt to store it properly & it was kind of dry. Mike did eat the icing. I'd almost suggest eating it sooner & buying a duplicate cake on your 1st year anniversary (some cake places will actually do this for you!). Looking forward to tasting :-) mmmmmm

Danielle said...

We aren't saving ours. When we had our cake tasting, we decided to just serve that layer and then have a duplicate cake make (to resemble to first tier) for our anniversary. I've heard really bad things about eating the year old cake.

Your cake looks and sounds yummy!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Your cake is going to be beautiful and delicious!

We saved the top of our cake for our 1st anniversary. Hubby wanted carrot cake for the top layer which I agreed to only because the cupcakes were chocolate. Carrot cake doesn't not freeze well so a year later it didn't taste very good!