Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Wedding Planning Weekend Coming Up!

I am bursting at the seams with excitement because we are off to Vancouver tomorrow for a crazy busy weekend of wedding related things! Here is what we've got going on:

- Arrive in Vancouver and head straight to our cake tasting. Can you say yum?
- Food tasting at the Brock House!
- Meet with our Day of Coordinator (What? We have a DOC? I haven't mentioned that yet, have I?)
- Stop by and say hi to my grandma!
- Pick up my wedding shoes! That's right, I'm picking up my wedding shoes. Don't I already have shoes? What about those adorable Fluevogs I showed you? Are you curious as to which ones I picked? I can't wait to show you! They are absolutely gorgeous...
- Perhaps take a detour to Seattle?
- Have my hair trial
- Eat copious amounts of delicious food
- Splash around in the rain. It looks like it is going to pour this weekend in the Pacific Northwest, but that has to be better than all of the snow we've been dealing with in Calgary this week.

And after that flurry of question marks and exclamation points punctuating my sentences...stay tuned!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Can't wait to hear/see all about it!!!

Manda Mack said...

How exciting! Our tasting is next Wednesday and I can't wait!

Meg said...

I was wondering about your shoes! Looking forward to the big reveal!!

Just in case no one told you, you are supposed to buy "after wedding shoes" too. You know, to help your feet adjust to married life. Honest!

Katie said...

Have a great and productive planning weekend! I'll bet you are going to get so much accomplished! And cake tasting? OMG so jealous.