Thursday, March 1, 2012

Walking on Sunshine: Cocktail Hour

As soon as our ceremony ended cocktail hour on the lawn started.  Mr. Gazelle and I got to the end of the aisle, we kissed, and the amazing staff at the Brock House were ready to hand us a glass of wine.  Our bridal party joined us for a toast.
Hive, this is the part where I have to eat my words.  Way early on in the wedding in the wedding planning I said my motto was *just say no to bubbles.*  My aunt brought bubbles...
If she hadn't brought those bubbles we wouldn't have gotten amazing photos like this one:
Cocktail hour went by in a blur.  I remember lots of hugs (and seriously, check out those bubbles in the background)...
I remember lots of smiles...
And lots more hugs...
And plenty of cheers...
We have photographic evidence that there were appetizers (and I heard that they were amazing) but I was so busy trying to say hello to all of our friends and family that I barely had time to eat any of them.
We also took some time during cocktail hour to take some family photos...which my niece was a total ham for!
The ribbon wands were a huge hit with the little ones at our wedding during the cocktail hour.  My niece and her second cousin met the week of our wedding for the first time and they got on like a house on fire.

Before I knew it our guests were being ushered inside the Brock House for dinner.  My Gazelle and I found each other and had time for a quick smooch.
While we waited for our guests to make their way inside we took the opportunity to see just how much fun it was to play around with those ribbon wands.
Soon we were told it was time for us to head inside for dinner.  Good thing...I was hungry!
Did you have a cocktail hour right after your ceremony?  Did that cocktail hour just zoom by for you like it did for me?

*All photos courtesy of the amazing Sakura Photography*

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