Monday, September 12, 2011

Making Memories for my Bouquet

I had a few special people that I wanted to remember on my wedding day who are no longer with us.  I’ve lost three of my grandparents and I lost my aunt about five years ago.  In some ways the loss of my aunt during wedding planning was particularly tough.  She LOVED weddings.  She was also my Godmother and I remember one day years ago that she proclaimed to me that she would host a bridal shower for me when it was my turn to get married.  Knowing that she was missing my wedding was difficult.

I was inspired by Mrs. Crab Cake’s post on bouquet charms using Scrabble tiles.  I bought the DIY Scrabble tile pendant kit from Annie Howes.IMGP3385

The kit came with almost everything I needed – Scrabble tiles with letters for the first names of my grandparents and aunt, glaze and heavy duty glue.  I did pick up a different kind of glue to stick my pictures to the tiles though.  I printed off some of my favourite pictures on regular paper on my colour laser jet printer.IMGP3600I added a dollop of glue to the back…IMGP3602And spread it with a foam brush…IMGP3603With the picture stuck on the tile I used an exacto knife to trim…IMGP3605Once dry I added the glaze to the picture on the front of the tile, using a toothpick to deal with any bubbles.IMGP3607The glaze was milky at first…IMGP3610But then dried clear.IMGP3637I used the heavy duty glue in the kit to glue the silver plated balls to the back.IMGP3638I loved how these turned out.  So simple.

How did you decide to remember loved ones at your wedding?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow1 These are awesome! What a great idea!

Melinda said...

I missed Aunt Mary at our wedding, too. I know she REALLY wanted to go :-( Thanks for sharing - I don't think Mike has ever seen a pic of our mom's parents!

Saying I do said...

such a beautiful and awesome idea!