Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gifting the Girls

Gazelle Girls

First up, we decided not to do corsages for our moms.  I was concerned about a pinned corsage since my mom planned to make a jacket out of very delicate fabric and my mom didn’t want to wear anything on her wrist.  I asked if she’d like to carry a tussy mussy (which I’d never heard of until wedding planning) but she said she’d prefer to keep her hands free.  So, instead I decided to gift both of our moms with something that I think may be a bit more useful after the wedding – a Coach wristlet.  Hopefully they like them!IMGP3806

To say thank you to the Gazelle Girls I wanted to gift them with things that I love, so things I hope that they will love too!  First up, I love Philosophy’s body washes, so they will get a small bottle of lollipop scented shower gel.00641249_oh_lolli_lollipop_re_a1

Image via Philosophy

Next up, my favourite tea mug, the Monogrammed Mug from Anthropologie.78404_whi_b

Image via Anthropologie

I also really wanted to gift the girls a necklace.  I looked for some fun, statement necklaces that I thought would go well with their bridesmaid dresses (which are still a work in progress but look awesome).  I wasn’t sure if those necklaces would really be their style so instead I opted for something simple that they can choose to wear for the wedding if they like, but one that I think they would love to wear every day.  The Love necklace from Piano Bench Designs.il_570xN.190050636

Image via Piano Bench Designs

And finally, I decided to do something I have never done before.  I wanted to learn how to sew so I could make them a fun shoe bag.  My mom showed me the ropes on how to use the sewing machine and serger and I cut out fabric in the same size as one of my shoe bags.  I sewed a line down the center of the bag to keep each shoe separate.  I had hoped to make a trial bag and then one out of some fun shoe printed fabric that my mom found but I just ran out of time.IMGP3820Sorry ladies, shoes not included.  Maggie, the family Scottish Terrier, decided to come over and check my handiwork.IMGP3811Luckily no shoes were harmed during the inspection.IMGP3815IMGP3817Aw Maggie, I think she maybe just wanted to photo bomb the picture!IMGP3822Did you decide to learn a new skill in order to gift something handmade to your bridal party?


Laura said...

Wow Leana! The Coach wristlet's are perfect Mom's gift's. And you can't go wrong the the Love Necklaces. OK, so you are out of time on the shoes bags. Just think, you learned how to sew. The knowledge in itself was totally worth the effort. The next time you need a minor adjustment on an Anthro dress, you can whip it out in no time.

Unknown said...

Fun! Can I be in your wedding too? Ha ha.

Saying I do said...

those are fantastic ideas! Your mom's and girls are going to looove their gifts!!