Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Advice for the newly engaged bride

If I could share one piece of advice for a newly engaged bride it would be:Don't buy anythingWell, not right away, anyway!

Shortly after Mr. Gazelle and I had booked our venue we were wandering around IKEA one day.  We were in the candle section and I spotted these long white metal trays.IMGP3078

Me: “Oh honey, look!  These long trays would be awesome for building a centerpiece on for our tables.  And look!  They are on SALE!” 

Spurred by the bright yellow tag on the shelf that actually said, “Hurry, this item won’t be around much longer!” we grabbed 12 of them.  We wandered around the rest of the store, talking about placing tea lights in them and filling in the tray with small dark rocks.  Okay, I mostly talked about it, Mr. Gazelle mostly listened politely.

Perhaps this was a good idea, but at the time we didn’t have a clear vision for our wedding.  I had barely looked at inspirational photos.  Worse, I hadn’t really thought about the layout of our room or how big our tables are.randal kurt.jpg.crop_display

Photo by Randal Kurt Photography / Image via Brock House

I found a photograph of a typical set up of the tables in our reception room.  Wow, there isn’t a ton of room on the tables between the glasses!  I’m not really sure that there is a good space to put several of these long white trays out.

As the vision for our reception space developed there was less and less room for the trays.  I fell in love with milk glass and there will now be simple bud vases along the tables instead.  It is so easy to get those bridal goggles on and everything sounds like such a good idea.  However I now realize that impulse purchases relating to the wedding are a terrible idea!  Sure those metal trays were on sale, but now they are hanging out in our basement next to the coffee and Brita filters with no concrete idea for their use.  Maybe not such a good deal after all…IMGP3076Have you made any impulse purchases relating to your wedding?  How have those purchases worked out for you?


Unknown said...
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Meg said...

BAHAHAHA Feel you pain. My vases, raffia and turquoise stones are still in my parents basement.

I LOVE your milk glass though! Can you add some in on side tables as decorations? Or have you moved on? lol

Melinda said...

You mean I didn't need 3 sets of bridal jewelry? Especially since my mom ended up lending me something? LOL! Please just tell me you're not sending everyone home (on planes) with breakable favours (etched wine glasses, candlestick holders, picture frames, etc). If you feel the need to do favours, edible ones are the best :-).

Heather said...

I almost have the exact opposite problem - I won't spend money on anything even though I know we need/want it because I'm afraid I'll change my mind. So I'm pretty sure I'll have a bunch of little purchases these last few months leading up to the wedding.

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

Oh goodness, I did a post similar to this awhile ago. I have a few pieces of "junk" that I bought to use in the wedding that were a total waste.

Great advice--so true.

Minnesota Maven said...

I know I'm not engaged yet but that is sage advise. I've recently started dream planning my wedding and thought, hey why don't I start buying things now (I'm not kidding I almost purchased some jewelry for the imaginary wedding)! I've been worried about the exact thing you blogged about today. I mean what if I change my mind!